Managing Field Staff is Hard!

Know what is happening in the field so you can manage the business

Gamify Field Staff Monitoring

WorkVibez Location Based Mobile Game for Field staff is an amalgamation of real time and mobile gaming with aim to revive field staff using extremely fun game of treasure hunt. Arent your field staff members tired of same job and goals achieving pressure from peers? Why not make this whole process fun and exploring your calls and appointments and winning treasures along the way by completing real tasks.

GIS Based Tasks/Clues will be dispersed on various points of interest and you can see your whole field staff in glimpse from palm of your hand. Your field staff have to physically to point of interest, do the activities which are assigned on that POI, move to the next one and Win Badges and appreciation from Leadership. Our platform will engage users in a very fun way and provide business analytics which include user engagement and happiness against user location.


Location & Work

A massively multi player online game for your field staff tracking.

Game Theory

Gamification is a great way of motivating your field staff to achieve more!

Work Smarter

Advanced GIS and IBM Watson analytics for business intelligence.

Celebrate Champions

Celebrate Culture champions in unique ways when it matters!

Context Aware Recognition

Work Vibes comes with a simple management tools with projects and points of interest mapped as per your requirement. We provide user dashboards with deep insights about Field Staff Engagements, Field Staff Performance and Efficiency based on KPIs you can program with few points and clicks. You will get time sheets with location data along with daily, weekly, and monthly summaries. A monthly payroll reporting with overtime, paid leave, and vacation summaries can also be done. Schedule a demo with us now:

Becoming a better manager!

Work Vibez reflect the true voice of the team. We will highlight what’s most important for employees and what causes frustrations. Our goal is to help managers better understand their team members, empowering them with the right information to take better decisions.

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